Measuring LEED literacy on campus

By Trevor McDonald

The two-quarter ART research projects are coming to a close, which means action research teams are finalizing their reports and assessing the overall impacts of their teamwork. As a member of the ART on ART team, I am responsible for developing a macro-analysis of the Green Buildings projects of 2012 and 2014 as well as the Space Utilization Team of 2013. 

All the projects above have involved Todd Lynch, the Principal Project Planner of Capital Programs along with Sue Santon, the Associate Vice Chancellor of Capital Programs, who also participated in last year's Space Utilization research. The overall goal of the Green Buildings projects for 2012 and 2014 was to improve campus literacy and awareness of LEED and other Green Building practices at UCLA. They sought to meet this goal by creating a strategy in order to effectively communicate with students and visitors who have no awareness of these practices.

Further, the 2014 team has thoroughly learned the credit earning process for LEED certification. As of February 2014, UCLA has 15 LEED Buildings and renovations completed on campus, with many others registered to achieve certification. In comparison to 2012, currently many more buildings have become LEED certified or are in the process of becoming certified to gain recognition for their sustainability efforts. Moreover, these teams have utilized various events to survey the community regarding the efficiency of space use, awareness of LEED-certified buildings and the literacy of the LEED certification process (see survey results pictured below!) 

In 2012, the LEED Assessment Team developed table tents and panels to signify LEED Certified Buildings. By contrast, the 2014 Green Buildings Team has been researching what buildings are eligible for credits. You can review the teams' final reports here: LEED Assessment 2012 // Space Utilization 2013

Results of a survey created by the 2012 LEED Assessment Team to gauge LEED literacy on campus.

Results of a survey created by the 2012 LEED Assessment Team to gauge LEED literacy on campus.