Fixtures, Fittings, and Finding More Data

By Alexandra Stream

This week we were excited to receive important information from one of our most resourceful contacts, UCLA Housing and Hospitality Services Sustainability Manager, Aliana Lungo-Shapiro. A few weeks ago, we reached out to her to request some data that we thought she might have. This week she responded with extensive amounts of data on water meters and usage from 2007-2014, and water fixtures and fittings information for some of the buildings on the Hill that we are working on. Fixture information includes gallons per flush for the toilets and gallons per minute for the showers and faucets in the bathroom. She also answered some of our questions and clarified a few minor details for us for other credits.

As we have made more progress with our LEED-certification credits, we have also realized that there are some limitations to the amount of data we can collect this quarter. For example, credits relating to Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC&R) require information such as specific equipment type, manufacturer name, model number, and refrigerant type that we do not have access to at this time. According to Aliana Lungo-Shapiro, the data that we have on this is outdated, and we may not get to obtain new records by the end of the month. I have come to realize that discovering limitations such as this is an important part of our job as the Green Buildings Team because it allows us to help UCLA by discovering what needs to be implemented in the future to better track how much water and energy we use on the Hill.

For the final weeks of this quarter, we plan to finish gathering data for our credits, start to work on the final report, and prepare for the final presentation. As we look at the progress we have made so far, we are excited to teach others what we have learned and accomplished.