Finishing Up Grand Challenge Interviews

By Lauren Cheesman

This week we are continuing to interview professors about their research for the Grand Challenge. Our goal is to interview all 55 Grand Challenge professors who focus on energy and water by the end of this quarter! We are focusing on learning specifically how their research could apply to the goal of 100% renewable energy and water by 2050 in Los Angeles. We only have 10 more professors to interview, which means we have interviewed 45 professors over the course of the past 17 weeks. This has been accomplished through the hard work and commitment of our team to interview each professor. We’re also so thankful for the professors who have taken the time to talk to us about their research and have been so motivated to accomplish the goals of the Grand Challenge!

While we only have a few more weeks left, our main goal is to schedule the remaining professors and to compile the data from the interviews we have for the website. We have organized each professor’s research, how their research applies to the Grand Challenge, applicable undergraduate involvement, and their mission statements into a document. This document will eventually be uploaded to a Grand Challenge research website that is being developed. It will hopefully give other professors valuable information to see if research collaboration for a Grand Challenge project is feasible. It will also give undergraduates information about what professor and lab they may be interested in working with to achieve Grand Challenge goals.

Since the quarter is coming to a close, we’re beginning to plan our presentation of what our team has accomplished this quarter for the Education for Sustainable Living Program. We also will be starting to work on our official report of our team’s progress this year so that next year’s team will be able to continue with the goals of the Grand Challenge.

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