Data, Music, and Sweat

By Amy Tat

Team Energy went to Ecochella last week to collect data on the energy generated at UCLA’s annual bike-powered concert. We wanted to build upon the dataset created by last year’s energy team and we just thought it would be something fun to do together as a team. During the concert, we collected data, enjoyed some music, and worked up a sweat.

Audrey Vinant-Tang, the director of the Engineering and Artistic committee for Ecochella, was our main contact person for the event and she also helped us understand the energy data that was presented. A large board next to the stage showed the cumulative wattage generated by the bikes at the concert. With bikes from Rock the Bike and bike generators built by engineering students, Ecochella attendees were able to take part in generating energy that would power the concert.

Our team members took turns collecting the wattage every two minutes while also collecting decibel data. Team members who weren’t collecting data were able to visit the different organizations at the event or just relax and listen to the music. We ran into members of the Hospital ART Team and decided to join forces to create a biking team. We learned that biking to power the music is not easy!

All in all, Team Energy had a great time at Ecochella. We hope that our data collection will be of great use to Ecochella and E3. Ecochella pairs quite well with the goals our team set from the start, which is to improve health and sustainability on the UCLA campus.