Funding approved for new waste bins in Pauley!

By Talia Young

After examining our results from Dance Marathon and the Earth Day Fair, we, along with our stakeholder, Rich Mylin, decided we wanted to order new waste bin islands for Pauley Pavilion. To fund most of the cost for these waste bins, we decided to apply for funding from The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF). Rich thought it would be a good idea for us to apply for funding so that the panel could see that we, the students, really want the change in type of waste bins. Last week, the team all contributed to filling out the TGIF application, explaining why we wanted the funds and providing an outline for when the funds would be used. On Friday of that week, Katie and I attended the TGIF hearing. 

At the TGIF hearing, we answered questions the panel had about what we wanted to do with the money if we received it. We clarified our goals and we explained what we were considering doing with the bins already in Pauley. The panel basically wanted us to explain what our application said in person.

This week, we got some exiting news that we received the funding! We met with our stakeholder and have begun thinking about the next steps in finally obtaining the bins now that we have the funds. We are researching possible styles of bins and will have a meeting to discuss our findings and ideas next week. 

In addition, we have started the green events guideline. The team has come up with ideas for how we want the guideline to look and we are beginning to assemble it. So far, we have run into one problem regarding the layout of the guideline: our guideline will have a list of things that are considered important in executing a green event, but we are not sure how to go about assigning points to each item. Over the next couple of weeks, we need to try out different formats before the end of the quarter presentations.