Water Team Kicks Off a New Quarter

By Thomas Arndt

Water ART is happy to announce we have a new member! Paul Cleland will be joining us for Spring Quarter, and we are all very excited to be working with him. With his help, we will be picking up where we left off in Winter Quarter.

We will be working on wrapping up some of our projects from last quarter, while continuing to address our more long-term projects as well. Our Green Guide to Living insert is in the final stages of revision, and will be included in the 2014 pamphlet given to Hill residents. We are currently working on scheduling a meeting with the Housing Administration to present the results of our drought-tolerant landscaping survey sometime during week 3. It is our hope that this presentation will convince the Housing Administration to seriously consider drought-tolerant landscaping on The Hill.

Join us April 23rd at the IM field for the Earth Day Fair!

Join us April 23rd at the IM field for the Earth Day Fair!

This quarter, we will mainly be focused on our artificial turf survey and stormwater policy. We plan to distribute the survey through listservs and various events such as Earth Day Fair and Ecochella. We will also be working closely with our stakeholder, Tracy Dudman, to develop stormwater policy and move towards integrating it into UCLA policy.