Creating a game plan for spring quarter

By Claire Hirashiki

With the advent of Spring Quarter, we are recharged and ready for the new challenges ahead. At our first team meeting at the South Campus Court of Sciences, we reflected over the past quarter and tried to evaluate where we could make improvements. Each team member was very proactive in contributing his or her thoughts and opinions. We decided that we would convert our team meetings into more of a general workspace so that we could troubleshoot any issues that arose while filling out forms. For future meetings, Liz has graciously offered the opportunity to hold gatherings at her sorority house for free pasta nights, so everyone is looking forward to the next meeting!

My fellow co-leader Danh and I had a teleconference with our stakeholder Todd yesterday regarding our plans for the remaining school year. Todd says he will continue to find the needed documentation for our credits, but in the meantime we will fill out the forms to the best of our abilities and create a timeline for our work. For the more specific data, we have created surveys to distribute to Todd’s contacts in housing, once he has approved them. We are currently preoccupied with compiling our massive accumulation of documents and forms into a Google Drive folder for Todd to easily access.

In order to promote the Education for Sustainable Living Program's Action Research Teams, we are in the works of creating a student survey component for our booth at UCLA’s Earth Day Fair. We hope to continue collecting data that the previous Green Buildings ART had begun, in an effort to increase awareness of the LEED certification process. We hope to understand what campus buildings students would like to see LEED certified in the future. With the Earth Day Fair quickly coming up, we are excited to share our work and gauge the student population’s knowledge of sustainable architecture.