Stumbling into Spring

By Steve Flores

With the conclusion of a very busy week I’ve had some highs and some lows. Things started off great when I was finally able to get the occupancy sensor that the stakeholder for the Energy Team, Sayros Yadgar, lent me. I was able to replace the old battery with a new one and now it’s just a matter of coordinating with Shannon Tyra at the hospital. I am going to meet with her next Monday and it will be installed in the stairwell right at the entrance. It will be interesting to see what we find!

Ideally I would want to see the occupancy sensor showing a large number of people taking the stairs, but we shall find out soon enough. We are thinking of leaving the occupancy sensor there after we finish our research to collect further data for a future Hospital Sustainability Team to continue once the hospital has created murals promoting the use of stairs.

My low point came during our waste audit in the RRMC bathrooms.  Jenna Hoover, the Co-leader for the Recycling ART, very graciously lent us one of the scales E3 uses to measure their e-waste. As a group, we met at the hospital and what we found was a little disappointing. When we went to measure the weight for a trash bin with paper towels in the unisex bathroom, they were so light that they did not register on the scale being used. We then focused on the trash bags in the male bathrooms and one of the bags did register weight, but the other didn’t. The major problem was that the scale we used was not able to display what the weights of the bags were. We will resume collection of data next week when we get a better scale to measure the very light trash bags. 

Occupancy sensors.

Occupancy sensors.