Rethinking plans of action to speed up the process

By Danh Lai

It is only week two and our team is making major headway towards completing the LEED certification process. We hit the ground running last week and started off with evaluating our team's successes and shortcomings in order to revamp our action plan to better accomplish our goals. This meant rethinking our past structure and implementing a much more action-oriented procedure, altering our approach with stakeholder meetings, and better organizing document and data collection for earning LEED credits.

To keep our team meetings lively and dynamic, our team member Liz Roswell offered to host our meeting at the sorority house. We not only shared ART updates, but also engaged in delightful conversation over pasta and salad. It really brought a new positive vibe to our team space and opened the idea of making this project a more personal experience. This was also our first post-revamped meeting that we envisioned would increase productivity and it proved to be successful. In general, the layout of the meeting would include about 15 minutes of personal and project updates as well as announcements about events or administrative logistics. This would be followed by a working period for completing tasks in our subgroups with the option of troubleshooting with fellow members.

Our stakeholder meetings have also been reformatted so that individual subgroups will alternate meeting with Todd. This will provide ample time for members to clear up any confusion and request information directly for immediate response. This new format has proven to be much more efficient, especially when we come in with very specific questions. We were able to knock out all remaining credits from the previous quarter and a portion of this quarter's credits in a single hour. It would have been great if we utilized this method early on, but it is a lesson learned and will be noted for any future teams. A major stepping stone was receiving electricity metering data from Aliana Lungo-Shapiro on The Hill that we will input into the Energy Star Portfolio Manager. This online managing system will be essential in providing records to receive several credits for the energy category. Next week will be the Site and Purchasing Team's opportunity to speak with Todd and obtain the materials they need.

The Energy Star Portfolio Manager is used to keep records for energy credits.

The Energy Star Portfolio Manager is used to keep records for energy credits.

We are excited that we are making tremendous strides towards completing this process and being able to submit the product of our passion and sweat. Having such a supportive and organized stakeholder has been invaluable and has made the project run smoothly. It is also great that our team is so genuinely invested in sustainability and is eager to learn more. The fruits of our labor will be visible not only through a seal on these buildings, but also in the growth of the students that helped make it happen.