You might want to think twice before taking the elevator. The energy team might be watching.

By Annie Cheng

Greetings from Team Energy! We are extremely excited to announce that after many struggles finding the right people to contact, we finally got the go-ahead to begin collecting data in the Mathematical Sciences building! We would like to send a huge shout-out to Erik Ulstrup, Electrical Shop Senior Superintendent, for installing wattage meters in the elevators for us. They would have normally costed us hundreds of dollars, but he installed them for free! 

Occupancy sensors have also been installed in stairwells! The wattage meters will be our main source of data on elevator usage because of greater accuracy and precision, and the occupancy sensors will serve as a secondary measurement of how much elevator and stair use changes after we launch our campaign.

Speaking of our “Take the Stairs” campaign, we have all been hard at work dreaming up creative, encouraging slogans that will prompt people to take the stairs more often! In addition, we are also preparing for the Earth Day Fair next month, coming up with new trivia questions about energy conservation and learning about sustainable energy in the process. Did you know that a single wind turbine can power 300 homes, or that unused appliances left plugged in account for over $10 billion in electricity bills each year in the United States?

That’s about it from Team Energy this week! We’re super excited to get started on collecting and analyzing data, running our campaign, and sharing all the knowledge we’ve gained this past quarter with as many people as possible! We leave you with this image…just some food for thought.


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