Finding Inspiration in UCLA's Green Building Symposium

By Danh Lai

What a great week! First off, the rain is finally back and we can take a quick breath of relief.  We went on a very relaxed, yet exciting field trip to get some perspective on how our work has been applied in the real world. Soon, we'll have midterm reports and presentations slapping us with the fact that we are only a couple weeks away from the halfway mark of this program. 


As one can see in the lovely image, we spiced up our team meeting this week by going to the Green Building Symposium hosted by the UCLA Ziman Center and the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. Professors, students, entrepreneurs, and other environmental enthusiasts gathered at the beautiful Koch Hall within Anderson School of Business to hear from leaders in sustainable development, such as the CEO of KB Home and environmental economist Matthew Kahn, amongst other major figures in the green building industry. It was great to have spokespeople from the business world, academic world, and public sector to intersect their thoughts and specialties on this important topic. The event was enriching and a fruitful opportunity for our team to network and find relevance in our work.

Logistically, the following weeks will be focused on the midterm report and presentation, as well as brainstorming our surveys for next quarter. Our team strategically divided sections of the report amongst our members evenly by level of interest and we aim to have it ready for revision and refining by Wednesday of next week. We are also looking forward to progressing further with our research as we create surveys to fill in the missing gaps in data collection. We are very happy that this quarter is wrapping up smoothly and are looking forward to seeing this project blossom.