Setting Our Sights High

By Priya Macwan

As the quarter comes to an incredibly rapid close, our team has met yet again to discuss our future hopes for the Ronald Reagan Medical Center. Yet again we are sitting down, discussing our prospects, rather than bounding down the hospital halls, engaging in the active creation of positive change through wide scale research in several regions of the hospital’s sustainability platform. Well, dare I say, we are still reaching for that moment when we become true environmental stewards for the UCLA Hospital system. I could go on about how we overreached in how much we could accomplish and how fast. I could also mention how we feel a little impatient, as we wait for a large institution to approve our ideas. But, it can’t be overlooked that an unspoken goal of action research teams is education. We are learning with each passing week what it takes to even postulate the commencement of large-scale change. And, we are ever so hopeful and flexible, at the ready to get going with our many projects.

Our excitement about our projects certainly remains strong, as evidenced by our meeting this week; we bounced around more ideas, sometimes talking over each other, discussing several projects at once. Austin was productive in constructing a layout for our education module with the help of wix, which is so very close to completion, as soon as our ideas on the module template have been approved by our stakeholder, Teresa Hildebrand. All of us discussed the upcoming Earth Day Fair at the hospital: who to invite, how to invite them, and other logistics.

Matters of the waste audit was also discussed, and we have decided that a preliminary audit would be wise as we wait for approval on the matter. The possibility of the energy-hospital sustainability joint project of monitoring elevator use and encouraging stair use is also in the works, as team leader Steve coordinates with the leaders of the Energy Action Research Team. We might be ambitious in our attempts, but we are determined.