Educational Modules and an Earth Day Fair on the Horizon for the Hospital Team

By David Mun

As we head into the final stretch of the quarter and midterms, papers, and presentations start to die down, the Hospital Sustainability Team is itching to get started on one of the more statistical projects we are delving into.  Our waste audit project is waiting to be approved, but I am optimistic that we will be able to start distributing, “These Come From Trees” stickers near hospital paper towel dispensers very soon.  We are hopeful that the results will show that these stickers are effective and that a simple and short message can make all the difference for patrons.  Our project collaboration with the Energy ART team is also still in the works as details are pounded out to ensure the start of a successful program at the UCLA Medical Center.

In the mean time, the team has been brainstorming an educational module such as an online interactive pamphlet targeted towards new staff hires.  New hires must read the entire of the module and answer applicable questions.  We came up with some content for our pamphlet, including an introduction with a shock and awe factor, and information about UCLA Health’s sustainability goals, sustainable food, water use, hazardous waste, and transportation.  We were most concerned with the presentation of the introduction pamphlet, as we want to hook the reader in while also understanding that people of varying concern and knowledge about sustainability issues will read the pamphlet. Our goal with this pamphlet is to represent UCLA’s Health System as one of the leaders in hospital sustainability, and to inspire staff to uphold this tradition and help progress.  We believe this educational online module will be a crucial step in making UCLA’s Health System number one in sustainability.

As for the Earth Day Fair held at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center, we have started contacting the well known sustainability groups on UCLA’s campus in hopes of getting qualified and passionate individuals to share crucial knowledge through different platforms on the day of the fair.  I believe it is important that staff and visitors see motivated students supporting a common cause.

Learn more about last year's Earth Day Fair on UCLA's campus here.

The quarter is nearing an end, but the year is young.  We hope to finish this quarter out strong as we crank out some measurable data and start achieving the hospital's sustainability goals.