The Energy Team tackles stairs, ecochella, and UCLA's upcoming Earth Day Fair

By Kenyon Chow

We are embarking on a great journey with small steps. As we get through administrative procedures, we continue to iron out the kinks of our upcoming campaign. In particular, we will be collaborating with the Hospital Sustainability Team to promote stair usage both on campus and at the hospital. With the opportunity to carry out the campaigns in two significantly different environments, we will be able to study how age, occupation, and other factors affect individuals' stair usage behavior. This will be one of our main directions of research.

Apart from carrying out our campaign in reducing elevator usage, we are also striving to continue the great traditions of the previous energy action research teams. In addition to contributing to Ecochella, UCLA's bike-powered concert, we will also set up a booth and participate in UCLA's annual Earth Day Fair. At the fair, we aim to provide household tips and fun facts on saving energy. Why households? Households consume 21% of the total energy generated in the U.S., and more importantly, significant amounts of energy could be saved in just a switch.

Image courtesy of National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Image courtesy of National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

For example, did you know that automatic ice makers are responsible for up to a 20 percent increase in energy consumption of refrigerators? Since you are probably using less ice in the winter anyway, simply switch off your automatic ice maker and take a small step to cut down energy consumption (and your electric bill)!