It’s Getting Hotter...Save that Water!

By Erika Kidera

Fresh off the long holiday weekend, the ART Water Team reconvened, ready to work. With lots of ground to cover before the quarter ends, we quickly summarized major themes over the course of our last meetings and explored the best ways for us to accomplish all that we hope to do.

In our most recent meeting with our wonderful stakeholder, Tracy Dudman, we discussed the possibility of arranging a group meeting with campus engineers to provide us with a better understanding of the UCLA stormwater system's function. Improving our knowledge beyond research papers and investigating the best ways to incorporate stormwater policy into the UCLA campus will allow us to explore all of our options and brainstorm innovative strategies. Once we arrange a meeting time, we will be able to devise a feasible plan and construct a strong policy.

As we look forward to the upcoming weeks, we hope to confirm meeting dates with the on-campus housing managers to present data gathered from our drought tolerant landscaping survey. We are extremely excited to present our findings and we hope that it will have an impact on the future landscaping on the Hill.

Based on the success of the drought tolerant landscaping survey, we are continuing with our on-campus survey about artificial turf. We determined that it would be ideal to survey the campus population for at least two hours on Tuesday and Wednesday of eighth week at Kerckhoff patio, a popular location that will allow us to utilize the heavy foot traffic through the area. From our experience with drought tolerant surveying on the Hill, we learned the value of having visual supplements to the survey. One of our amazing leaders, Ellen, created a color-coded map of the grassy areas on the UCLA campus that our surveys reference, enabling a greater visual and spatial understanding of the locations. During our first survey on drought tolerant landscaping, we also found that people are more receptive to taking a survey if it is dialogue-based. Through our presence and availability to answer questions, we were able to better inform our survey-takers.

Map of UCLA.jpg
Images courtesy of Ellen Lomonico.

Images courtesy of Ellen Lomonico.

To finish off the week, we discussed strategies to most effectively utilize the talents and enthusiasm of our team members. We decided on a “divide-and-conquer” task-by-task mindset to better manage all of our exciting tasks. With all of our hard work in the past weeks, we now hope to continue to finish the quarter strong!