Stairway To Heaven – Sustaining Environmental, Economic, and Social Equity

By Amy Tat

With a team consisting of leaders, members and a stakeholder all completely new to ESLP ART, getting the ball rolling for Team Energy has definitely required an extra push from everyone involved. In utilizing inspiration from previous ART Energy Teams and the skills of our members, we plan to continue past efforts while also being innovative.

We will follow last year’s team in working with Ecochella, UCLA’s annual bike-powered concert, and continue collecting raw data on energy generated and used at the event.

Raw energy data collected by last year's Energy action research team.

Raw energy data collected by last year's Energy action research team.

We also decided to create an educational campaign that encourages stairway over energy-intensive elevator usage. We will collect data on stairway occupancy and elevator energy usage before and after our campaign to measure effectiveness.

Unfortunately, many “Take the Stairs” campaigns have failed to achieve longevity.  Previous attempts at UCLA made by other groups have similarly been short-lived.  In order to overcome this, Team Energy has been researching the pros and cons of past initiatives in order to improve upon old ideas and create new ones for our campaign.  

Team Energy looks forward to making UCLA more sustainable and healthy as we have narrowed down the buildings we would like to focus our campaign on and contacted building managers. An idea already in the works is collaboration with other organizations at UCLA and even other ART teams to broaden our visibility and impact on campus. This project targets both energy efficiency and physical well-being, and can potentially save money for UCLA Facilities. Taking the stairs is thereby one means to a more sustainable, economic, and socially responsible future.