Making John Wooden Proud...

By Katie Zeller

When I think of Pauley Pavilion, I think of the iconic John Wooden, and I’m not alone. Pauley represents our celebrated sports history here at UCLA. It’s almost an institution in and of itself on campus, which is why our Action Research Team is so excited to be working on making John Wooden’s castle more sustainable. By making small changes we can ensure that Pauley will still be home for future generations of Bruin fans. Our ultimate goal is to make Pauley Pavilion a zero-waste facility, ensuring that all waste is either composted, recycled and re-purposed in some way.

Pauley Pavilion Design Architechture Plan 3, taken from 

Pauley Pavilion Design Architechture Plan 3, taken from 

The 2014 Zero-Waste Pauley Action Research team leaders and members are Talia Young, Katie Zeller, Rachel Chung, Kimberly Mak and Kevin Sun. We all come from a variety of different majors but unite on the goal of making Pauley zero-waste. We are currently working with Rich Mylin, our stakeholder from UCLA Recreation.

This week we held a couple meetings to really hone in on our goals for the year and brainstorm ideas on how we can create change at UCLA. Rich provided us with a multitude of ideas on how to make UCLA Recreation more sustainable. Later, as a group we discussed them all and decided that we wanted to continue with what 2013’s Pauley team did and strive towards zero waste. The 2013 ART Team did a great amount of background research, conducting a waste audit during a men’s basketball game to see what sort of waste Pauley produced. This year we want to plan a meeting with ASUCLA to see what biodegradable and green options there are in terms of concessions, as currently their products are not sustainable. We want to gauge how we can move forward and use products that will not reach the landfill.

We also were excited about the fact that Dance Marathon, a 26-hour dance fundraiser for pediatric AIDS, will be held at Pauley Pavilion this spring. We want to use this large student event as an outreach and educational opportunity, thus setting another goal for our year ahead.

Things are in their very preliminary stages right now, but we do have ideas that we want to run with and can’t wait to get started!