Greetings from Team Energy!

By Kenyon Chow

This year’s Team Energy is lead by Natalie Shahbol and Amy Tat, and rounded out by Kenyon Chow, Annie Cheng and Katie Luong as team members. We will be working closely with Sayros Yadgar, our stakeholder at UCLA Facilities Management.

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This year, we will continue to build on the success of the previous teams and strive to improve the energy efficiency of our community with unfathomable dedication. We are going to implement rigorous research and fun activities into our goals and activities in order to truly reinforce both ‘Action’ and ‘Research’ components of our program.

‘Research’: We are going to focus our research on cutting down energy use and improving energy efficiency for buildings on campus. In order to cut down the energy consumption required for heating due to air flow, site visits will be carried out to collect empirical data for determining the energy loss due to unnecessary windows and inefficient air filters. In addition, cost-benefit analysis will also be attempted to determine the payback period and the economic feasibility of energy-saving projects such as lighting retrofits and the installation of more energy-efficient vending machines.

‘Action’: Saving energy can be fun too! We are planning to design and launch a mobile app that tracks how much energy has been saved by walking up the stairs instead of taking an elevator. In addition, we are also going to be dedicate our efforts into improving the appeal and availability of the eco-treadmills in Wooden Center to encourage students to make your workouts greener. As last year, we will also be participating in Ecochella, our bike-powered concert, and other events to promote energy efficiency in our community.

However, the key to success of all our great plans lies in your participation. For starters, try turning off and unplugging your devices when you leave your room, or use your fan instead of air-conditioning when the temperature is bearable. Let’s work together to make our community greener and more sustainable!