2016 Housing Team - Week 9

by Chris Hunter

After the final presentations tonight, nearly all of our work for the quarter is done. Working on this project has been an great experience and we are so proud of what we accomplished.  I also really enjoyed seeing the amazing things all the other teams did! Go SAR!

Since we spent most of the week preparing our poster and practicing for the presentation, there is not too much to report regarding our project.  If possible, we would still like to get in touch with UCLA Purchasing before the end of the year to discuss creating a web portal for sustainable office supplies, or any other ideas they have going forward.  In other news though, awareness of the catalog is spreading across campus, with UCLA Library, Recreation, Law School, and ASUCLA Catering all recently adopting our catalog into their purchasing practices, with more departments hopefully coming soon (including possibly UC Merced and Office of the President)!

2016 Resilience Team - Week 9

By Kathleen Knight

This week, we’ve been working on our final presentation and our final report. We’re sad to see that spring quarter is wrapping up because we’ve had such a fun adventure together, but we’re excited that we’ll get to continue working together on our water cistern project. After we finish our presentation and report, we’ll resume pursuing more funding opportunities and researching into our options for our cistern. We hope to be able to use our TGIF money to fund concept designs for our cistern, and in determining specific feasibility. Our summer is looking like it’s going to be a busy one

2016 Green Buildings Team - Week 9

This week our group was preparing for the final presentation and finishing up our poster. We also established our principles for our building space. Overall, it was a productive week and everyone was working well together. We are continuing to make future plans for our project and have all decided to work on the green space next year!

2016 Hospital Team - Week 9

As the quarter comes to an end the Hospital team is tying loose ends to ensure a great finish to this challenging yet rewarding project. Teresa confirmed that she would finalize the module’s formatting and embed it onto the UCLA Health system website. This will be a permanent addition that will inspire individuals to be sustainable long after the Hospital team disbands. The sustainability liaison program is having its first conference meeting this Friday, which will hopefully become routine as the program becomes more established. We have already completed our final poster and presentation; the only task that remains is the final paper. As we reflect on our time together, we hope that the improvements we made have a significant effect on the environmental future of the medical facility.

2016 Team Krieger - Week 9

Hello fellow SAR Teams! I can’t believe the quarter is coming to a close so soon. Team Krieger is very excited and looking forward to hearing all the presentations this Thursday. Although our goals and objectives have changed so much over the past two quarters, I’m still very proud of what we have accomplished and the new waste management system that we have tried to setup at Krieger. The teachers have been so receptive about the changes that I’m certain Moises will continue our team’s missions long after we have gone! I won’t lie, the past two quarter have been challenging, trying to work around regulations and bureaucracy in the daycare industry, but it certainly hasn’t taken away from how much we have learned and achieved. With a new composting system set in place, we hope the diversion rate will increase substantially at Krieger. Hear more about our changes and recommendations at the presentation on Thursday and check out our amazing poster! 

2016 Recreation Team - Week 9

This week rec team finalized our presentation and prepared for the final reports. We had our second to last team meeting and discussed all of the information we want to include in our final report. We also discussed the recommendations we want to make for the Wooden Center after concluding that the poor air quality in the weight room needs to be addressed. We advised upgrading the filters on the air handlers to HEPA grade filters, which will help reduce the particulate matter, and established a lighting protocol to help reduce energy waste as well. We had a great time at the final presentation this week!

2016 Biodiversity Team - Week 9

This week the Biodiversity team presented our poster at UCLA Poster Day! This was an exciting event for us, and we were very honored to be accepted to present. It was an opportunity for us to talk in depth about the experimental design and data analysis of our research, and from what we saw, we were one of the only groups of undergraduate students presenting ecology research, so there was definitely a niche for us. Several of the other SAR teams came out and supported us, and we think more SAR teams should definitely try to present next year! This is a picture of Nate, Markus, and Rachel with our poster.

2016 Housing Team - Week 8

by Pamela Lim

Final push to the end of the year! We’re so proud of our work for the past two quarters. The educational component of our project is proving to be successful, as we hear of various UCLA offices that are using our Green Office Catalog to purchase through BruinBuy. Some examples are Housing and Hospitality Services, UCLA Libraries, and UCLA Catering. We hit a little road bump a couple weeks ago when we couldn’t get our office supply samples in time for the Earth Day Fair, but we have decided to donate these through Dr. Cully Nordby! This week, we focused on preparing for our final presentation and poster board. We have also been discussing the next steps for our procurement project and next year’s Housing Team. We’re hoping the BruinBuy system can get a reboot with a eco-friendly portal. This is a possible project for another Housing Team; we also considered research on waste management (cross your fingers for compost bins!).

PS The photo shows a team bonding activity we did during weekly team meetings. We each had 1 minute to draw the person sitting to our left. #HousingTeamIsDreamTeam

2016 Recreation Team - Week

Danna Creager

As the quarter nears a close, our team is working on tying up all of loose ends. Unfortunately, after completing all of the air quality measurements and creating graphs, the graduate student we have been working with told us the carbon dioxide readings were all wrong. The Qtrak machine had been halving all of the readings, which meant we had to fix our data and graphs. This also meant that our previous conclusion that the CO2 levels were not bad enough to recommend researching using plants to decrease levels was not completely accurate for every room. After meeting with SLEAC a few weeks ago, we realized some additions to the protocol that we had not considered before. We worked on our lighting protocol recommendations and came up with several factors to include such as educating and enforcing lighting protocol with all employees and coordinating with UCLA facilities management about late night protocols. Furthermore, our team has compiled all of the pictures and text for our poster for next week’s final presentation. 

2016 Team Krieger - Week 8

by Lauren Yang

This week, Team Krieger has gotten a bit closer to accomplishing the educational outreach aspect of our project. On Monday, we gave a presentation to the teachers at Krieger to inform them about our project and the changes we are planning to make to the center's waste management. The teachers were very receptive to our proposal for implementing a new compost program. Engaging in a fruitful discussion, we answered their questions about compost while they provided helpful tips to take into account as we continue with our project. In addition to the presentation, our wonderful team member June Tran designed signage for the waste bins (as seen below). Our next steps include educating the kids about compost as well as moving forward with adding compost bins/dumpsters at the center.  

2016 Resilience Team - Week 8

By William Chen

This week, we are very honored to be featured in the Daily Bruin for our water cistern project. The article will hopefully bring more student awareness to water issues our campus is facing, as well as the achievements of our projects so far. Furthermore, we have started interacting with sustainability officers in other campuses throughout East Coast and West Coast and gathered details about their resilience task force. We are hoping to initiate our own campus wide resilience committee before the quarter ends.

2016 Biodiversity Team - Week 8

Our experiment was a success and we’ve begun implementing what we’ve learned into restoring Sage Hill! Even more native California plants are taking root and doing well. Our planting day reintroduced even more sages, oaks, and wildflowers to UCLA. In addition, we’re getting ready for Undergraduate Research Poster day on Tuesday at 1 PM. Our poster is all finished and looking good.  Our collaboration with the forest ecosystems class is also bringing us closer to knowing more about the general biodiversity of Sage Hill. There will be another planting day in the near future, so stay tuned.

We also have over 250 responses on our survey! Which can be found at the link and offers awesome feedback on the future of Sage Hill.


2016 Hospital Team - Week 8

2016 Greetings! As this academic year draws to an end the Hospital Team is excitedly wrapping up our sustainability liaison and educational project. We made final edits to the online module, taking extra care to fact check and update the information on the slides. With the help of our stakeholder, Teresa, we were able to schedule an initial meeting with all the new sustainability liaison recruits for next week. At this meeting we aim to brief the staff members on their roles, get them excited about the liaison program, and to answer any questions they might have. We hope to finalize the liaison program charter and go over it with them to make sure that the program continues at UCLA Health even after this SAR program ends!

2016 Green Buildings Team - Week 8

This week, our research team focused on organizing our data and creating visualizations for our final presentation poster.  Making our data aesthetically pleasing, clear, and informative allows our presentation to be more effective.  On another note, we are very impressed with the success of our Facebook page, UCLA Spaces, within the first few launch weeks.  To date, we have about 250 likes and have spread awareness about our project to many UCLA undergraduates.  We are also very excited to be finishing up our research project and are in the process of making conclusions and recommendations about our website and repurposed space projects. 

2016 Biodiversity Team - Week 7

This week, the biodiversity team is preparing for a multitude of events. First off, our planting day is set to happen Thursday May 12th, at 3:30 at Sage Hill. The biodiversity team will be planting native species with some handy helpers. We have also been in the process of creating our Sage Hill Poster for the Undergraduate Research Poster Day on Tuesday May 24th, 2016 in Pauley Pavilion. We will be presenting at 1pm so make sure to stop by and say hi! Next, we will be getting ready for the AAAS research conference held in San Diego. Staying busy! 

2016 Green Buildings Team - Week 7

This week, we held a focus group with more specific questions pertaining to the outdoor space in North Campus that we were given to redesign. We received helpful feedback on what the students want in a space. For example, students were excited about the prospect of having a small vertical garden and the potential for our space to be a place for students to relax and enjoy the surrounding environment. The ideal attributes brought up in our focus group will be implemented into our design of the space. During our weekly SAR meeting, each team member drew their own ideal vision of our outdoor space. These sketches will help us choose one specific design that we will later present in our proposal to ASUCLA and the campus architect. Overall, we are excited to slowly be moving forward in our project!

2016 Hospital Team - Week 7

Hey SAR peeps! So as week 7 draws to a close, we shall tell you the latest news that the Hospital Team has been up to. To date, we have signed up 12 new hospital liaisons! As new sustainability advocates, it is their job to bring change to their specific departments. Now to help them do this, we are currently creating an intro to the program by creating an “expectation chart.” We have also been chugging away at the module and making sure it abides by UCLA Health marketing rules and protocol. However, this isn’t so bad when you are doing this at Starbucks frappy hour ;) SMORES FRAPS. YYYAAAAEEEESSSSSSSSSSS. 

2016 Team Krieger - Week 7

Written By: Lauren Yang

Week 7 has been a busy one for Team Krieger! First thing Monday morning, we met with Jesse Escobar, the UCLA recycling coordinator.  Having discovered the potential for implementing a compost program at Krieger, we were excited to learn more about the logistics of composting. We were worried that we might have to get a dumpster just for compost to have it picked up by Athens Services, but Jesse clarified that we would be able to get a 96-gallon bin. One major issue that Jesse mentioned was cost. Currently teachers and undergraduate employees transport waste from the classrooms to the dumpsters. However, adding may require the custodial staff the service the extra bins for an extra fee.

Faced with big decisions, we needed to get a better idea of the bins already atKrieger, so we did another walk-through of the center on Wednesday. Since we wanted to add compost bins to the center's nine classrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, we decided to take inventory of all the bins and their locations. While taking photos of the bins, we noticed that adding compost and improving Krieger's waste management may not require much besides re-labeling and rearranging some bins. By next week, we should have a definite plan of the changes we'd like to make!

2016 Housing Team - Week 7

by Bryce Lee

We continued the outreach component of our project this past week, hosting our second Lunch-and-Learn with Residential Life/Housing staff and presenting to the student leaders of Team Green on the Hill. Chris and I presented at the Lunch-and-Learn last Friday, and we were pleased to again garner positive and constructive feedback. Staff members seemed genuinely interested in learning about how they can make their offices more environmentally conscious, and Emma’s supplemental information on UCLA’s waste management system was very informative (even to us). Pamela, Jessie, and Chris presented to Team Green on Tuesday and told attendees to inform their offices about our Green Office Catalog. With those presentations done, this stage of our project is essentially finished. We look forward to working on our poster and final report to wrap up the year!

2016 Recreation Team- Week 7

by Alyssa Worsham

This week the Rec team received the most recent indoor air quality data from our grad student helper in the UCLA School of Public Health. This data was focused solely on the air quality in the three weight rooms at the John Wooden Center. Flashback: we accidentally tested the air quality in the weight room on one of our previous data gathering trips, and since it seemed bad enough to report we decided to do additional testing! The results are in, and guess what? The weight rooms are really really dusty...(see our graph of average PM 2.5 concentrations!)