Sustainability Talks Guest Speakers

10.3.12:  Harry Lynch (Film Director and Producer, Switch)
10.10.12:  Zachary Slobig (Senior Editor, GOOD) & Nurit Katz (Chief Sustainability Officer, UCLA)
10.17.12:  D'Artagnan Scorza (Executive Director, Social Justice Learning Institute) & Lisa Boyle (Co-Founder, Plastic Pollution Coalition)
10.24.12:  Sebastian Copeland (Director, Into the Cold)
10.31.12:  Yastel Yamada (Engineer and Co-Founder, Skilled Veteran Corps for Fukushima)
11.7.12:  Matthew Kahn (Professor of environmental economics, UCLA) Jules Dervaes (Founder, Urban Homestead)
11.14.12:  Paul Gagliardo (Manager, Innovation Development at American Water) & Kevin Whilden (Co-Founder, Sustainable Surf)
11.28.12:  Dr. Richard Jackson (Chair, UCLA Environmental Health Sciences) & Cheri Chastain (Sustainability Coordinator, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company)
12.5.12:  Jarrett Walker (Consultant, Public Transport Planning and Policy) & James Rojas (Founder, Latino Urban Forum and Place It!) 

10.12.11:  “Water is Rising: Music and Dance amid Climate Change” guest classroom presentation 
10.26.11:  Jeffrey Smith (GMO researcher and consumer food advocate)
11.2.11:  Jules Dervaes (Founder, Urban Homestead Movement) & Paula Daniels (Chair and founding member, LA Food Policy Council)
11.9.11:  John Seager (President and CEO, Population Connection)
11.16.11:  Evan Marks (Founder, The Ecology Center of San Juan Capistrano) & Dr. Paul Anastas (Assistant Administrator, EPA R&D)
11.30.11:  Isis Kraus (GOOD magazine and formerly of ESLP), Heal the Bay, The California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC)

9.30.09: Glen MacDonald (Professor of Geography and of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UCLA)
10.7.09: Tara Kolla (Owner and Founder, Silver Lake Farms, Urban Farming Advocates‐LA) 
10.7.09: Mud Baron (School Garden Program Specialist, LAUSD)
10.14.09: Lisa Kaas Boyle (Board of Directors, Trash for Teaching and Heal the Bay)
10.21.09: Michael B. Lehrer (Founder, Lehrer Architects LA)
10.21.09: Mia Lehrer (Founder, Mia Lehrer Associates Landscape Architecture)
10.28.09: Jonathan Parfrey (Director, Green LA)
10.28.09: Amy Lukken (Director of Market Research and Educational Learning for Interface-FLOR)
Lecture 6 Unavailable
12.2.09: Paul Scott (Co-Founder, Plug In America)
12.2.09: Kim Karlsrud (Project H) & Daniel Phillips (Environmental designer and writer)

10.1.08: Scott Sherman (Founder, Transformative Action Institute) 
10.8.08: Michael Cox (California Student Sustainability Coalition) & D'Artagnan Scorza (UC Board of Regents)
10.15.08: Woodrow W. Clark (Author and co-editor on Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)
10.22.08: Timothy Papandreou (Urban Planner, LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Cultivating Sustainable Communities)
10.29.08: Fran Pavley (Senator, Chair of California State Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee)
11.5.08: Matthew Kahn (Professor at the UCLA Institute of the Environment, the Department of Economics and the Department of Public Policy)
11.12.08: Andy Lipkis (Founder, TreePeople)
11.19.08: Jules Dervaes (Founder, Dervaes Institute, The Path to Freedom)
Lecture 9 Unavailable
12.3.08: Stacey Malkan (Author, "Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry") & Ferris Kawar (Recycling Specialist, City of Burbank) 

——Individual bios of each speaker are included in the video link——