Education for Sustainable Living Program

The Education for Sustainable Living Program is part of the California Student Sustainability Coalition, a statewide program centered on the education and promotion of sustainability. UCLA was one of the first campuses to start the program in 1998.  The program, offered for course credit through the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability consists of two parts: a Lecture Series, and Action Research Teams. 



Lecture Series

The Lecture Series (Environment 185A) is held in the fall and brings guest speakers from across Los Angeles and the country to speak on various sustainability topics including: green economy, environmental health, sustainable living, green building, food systems, green chemistry, biodiversity, water accessibility, and much more.


Action Research 

Action Research Teams (Environment 185B/C) are student-run teams that work collaboratively with campus stakeholders to research ways to make UCLA more sustainable.  The program runs during winter and spring quarters with the goal of initiating dialogue, conducting research, and enacting environmental change by bringing together students, faculty, and administration.